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Announcement of the Interministerial Committee for Disability (CIH)

On September 20th, the Prime Minister announced the deployment, starting in November, of a territorial fund to support the accessibility of small businesses and everyday establishments. It will be endowed with 300 million euros over five years, including 100 million euros, starting in 2023-2024, allocated to the areas hosting the Olympic Games.

This commitment is part of the operational implementation of the President’s commitment to invest 1.5 billion euros in accessibility.

Finally, this Interministerial Committee for Disability (CIH) has reaffirmed the Government’s determination to build a fully inclusive society and achieve tangible results on the major priorities, including universal accessibility, inclusive schools and universities, full employment, and access to healthcare and social solutions.

For more details on the 56 measures and the schedule, you can find them here.


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