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NUTB, a human-sized organization

NUTB is a small-scale IT service provider company. It develops and markets the Blindsee application both directly and through a network of partners in France and internationally. The partner network is involved in the potential implementation of equipment and associated services.

Blindsee, where dreams come true

The Blindsee application was born from an encounter with a visually impaired person. It allowed us to be part of a think tank as a technical expert within a museum (comprising the head of public relations, the museographer, and the Valentin Haüy Association for the visually impaired AVH).


The observation was that there was no credible existing solution to meet their legal obligations regarding the accessibility of visually impaired individuals. This surprise at the lack of these solutions became an opportunity to develop a solution for this museum.


After considering the market size and the potential for expanding the initial scope (generalization to establishments receiving the public ERP, tourist and cultural establishments, and individuals with visual impairments), the decision was made to create the company and launch Blindsee to benefit as many people as possible.

Our Values

A mindset



A way of being

NUTB embodies a mindset, expertise, and a way of being: it’s all about humanity, sharing, and ensuring that technology genuinely enhances the end-users’ experience. We incorporate social and environmental concerns into our practices to contribute to a better quality of life.


We have partnered with associations and foundations with this goal in mind to be closer to people, especially those with disabilities.

They Trust Us