Logo Blindsee

Do you want to make access to places easier for your fellow citizens and better comply with legislation?

The use cases are numerous, whether it’s for town halls, prefectures, hospitals, train stations, tourist offices, or other public spaces (monuments, hiking trails, etc.). Blindsee allows you to highlight points of interest and the accessibility of your space, creating value.


The application centralizes points of interest both outdoors and indoors. It’s easy to associate descriptions with different languages to assist with navigation on the site.

How to implement Blindsee for a public entity?

Install a fixed geolocation device in the establishment(s) if necessary (NFC tags or Bluetooth beacons).

Configure the location, boundaries, routes, and descriptions of objects or points of interest in multiple languages.

Associate the locations of objects with the installed devices.

Make the location and objects visible to the Blindsee user community. They are informed and can move freely.

Benefits of the solution for the establishment:

  • Improves autonomy and accessibility for people with disabilities.
  • Complies with legislation and regulations.
  • Meets the demands of citizens with a higher level of service.
  • Provides better information and opens establishments to a more extensive audience independently.
  • Helps control the budget (very low deployment and operating costs).

Benefits for visitors :

  • The application was developed in collaboration with an association for the visually impaired, and the interface was designed and adjusted with non-sighted and visually impaired users.
  • It is universal, compatible with all establishments or public spaces without specific adaptations.
  • Users can use the application on their own phone without the need for an escort.
  • It allows access to places without constraints physically or virtually from a distance, and with complete freedom.
  • The simplicity of the interface does not require additional devices.
  • Establishes a community network to share experiences, feedback, needs, or other ideas.