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Do you own a private location that receives the public and want to make access easier?

Whether it’s a campground, a shopping center, a cinema, theater, a business, or another private space, Blindsee removes barriers to accessibility, particularly for people with disabilities.


Blindsee allows you to highlight points of interest and the accessibility of your space, adding value and visibility.

How to implement Blindsee when you have a private location?

Install a fixed geolocation device in the location if necessary (NFC tags or Bluetooth beacons).

Configure the location, boundaries, routes, and descriptions of objects or points of interest in multiple languages.

Associate the locations of objects with the installed devices.

Make the location and objects visible to the Blindsee user community. They are informed about your site and its accessibility.

Benefits for the location owner:

  • Improves autonomy and accessibility for people with disabilities.
  • Complies with legislation and regulations, including the tourism and handicap label.
  • Enhances the quality of service and opens the establishment to a broader audience.
  • Provides an innovative image and increases communication about the site through the Blindsee network.
  • Allows for flexible and quick system installation, independently.
  • Helps control the budget (very low deployment and operating costs).

Benefits for visitors:

  • The application was developed in collaboration with an association for the visually impaired, and the interface was designed and adjusted with blind and visually impaired users.
  • It is universal and compatible with all establishments or spaces receiving the public without specific adaptations.
  • Users can use the application on their own phones without an escort.
  • It allows visitors to explore places ‘at their own pace’ physically or virtually from a distance, based on their preferences, without imposed constraints and with complete freedom.
  • The simplicity of the interface does not require additional devices.
  • Facilitates community networking to share experiences, feedback, needs, or other ideas.