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How to Use or Implement the Blindsee Solution?

You can do it yourself, or let us assist you

The use of the solution is intuitive. However, we provide several free resources to learn how to use Blindsee, so it’s up to you to choose:

  • Video tutorials
  • User documentation
  • FAQ

Integration and Training Services for Establishments

Choose peace of mind and let us assist you!

We can offer customized training sessions based on the specific needs of your establishment, as well as implementation services: recording descriptions/labels on-site, taking photos, location and description, translation.


We can also assist with custom development if needed (database integration or interfacing with existing systems).


Installation Services

We can also, through our partners, provide advice based on the complexity of the installation and offer installation and hardware equipment supply services (NFC tags or Bluetooth beacons). The physical installation of beacons can be done by the site administrator (double-sided tape, screws, and, if necessary, electrical connection) or can be provided on a quote basis.


We can also assist with equipment maintenance when needed.