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Improving the accessibility of places that receive the public so that they can benefit the most people.

Who is Blindsee for ?

Why use Blindsee ?

The Blindsee application removes access barriers to places. It was developed in consultation with the visually impaired and can be used by anyone wishing to facilitate access to a site.

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of the visually impaired lament the lack of content adapted to their disability, and yet they would go to museums more often.

Better organization

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mention a lack of accessibility for orientation and the absence of adapted guided tours.

More autonomy

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only use personal assistance from a museum mediator.

Blindsee is a simple and innovative system for experiencing cultural or private places. For users, there is no need for additional equipment, no extra cost, just a smartphone and an app, and that’s it.

What users and public venues think

How does it work?

I am visually impaired, how do I use the application?

You can download the application for free on your mobile phone. When you launch it, you are informed about the places and objects near you, along with their descriptions by the audio guide.

You configure your site, routes, objects, and points of interest along with their positions using various possible methods. We guide you through the setup.

Download the Blindsee app

To download and install the Blindsee app as a user on your smartphone, it’s as easy as can be. Go directly to the Google Play Store or Apple Store, search for the Blindsee app, then click on Install. And there you go!

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Check out all the news about the application, disability-related laws, the latest articles, and new accessible sites.

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