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The Blindsee application allows establishments and public places to enhance the autonomy and accessibility of people with disabilities.


It is available as a smartphone app or web application that primarily provides visually impaired individuals with a list of nearby locations, objects, and points of interest, along with audio descriptions.

For Site Managers:

The Blindsee application for site managers is the same as for users but provides access to an administrative space. It allows one or more administrators to describe the areas, routes, objects, and points of interest of the site in multiple languages.

The positions of objects are described using GPS positioning, the use of NFC tags, or Bluetooth beacons previously installed in indoor and outdoor spaces.

The application provides access to a private space for configuring the content of the site. Multiple levels of administration are possible (site manager, administrator, simple user).

How It Works:

The administrator can create or modify each of the locations they manage, as well as the objects or points of interest within them, both online and offline. They describe their positioning according to the devices in place. They can group them physically or virtually and then make them public to the entire Blindsee user community.
Object coordinates can be entered directly, by location, scan, or via the map. An option allows for the map to be opened with a view of the location. The map is displayed based on the phone's GPS position, enabling movement on the map and the saving of the object's GPS position. NFC or Bluetooth positioning can be associated by scanning the beacon chip or by selecting detected beacons around the phone.
Depending on the subscribed options, the site administrator can create circuits and program events. Circuits allow objects to be tagged to associate them with filterable user groups. This functionality can provide different visit levels (1-hour circuit, 4-hour circuit, 1-day circuit) or grant access to specific sets (amenities at a location, a temporary exhibition, etc.). Events allow the scheduling of the opening and closing of a part of a site to the public. It's also possible to broadcast tailored information to site users.

For End Users

The mobile application is accessible for free to any user for consultation. It can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play.

How It Works ?

When the application is launched, it presents nearby sites (locations) to the user. Detection is based on the GPS phone's location or an address given orally. The user can then select the object of interest and obtain its description in the language of their choice.
Navigation is quick, simple, and effective with single or double taps and directional swipes. All interactions can be performed without needing to look at the screen. If desired, the user can use and enforce the use of their Talkback or Voiceover interface (screen-reading software).
All actions are customizable, including gestures, voice assistant, and preferences for filtering. In the case of a visually impaired person accompanied by a sighted individual, the map can be accessed. An option allows the opening of this map to view the site and the objects on it. Zooming in on the map is, of course, possible. The display of locations and objects is possible through the list or the map function.

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