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Our wish for 2024 is to succeed together and ensure greater inclusion of people with disabilities.


The Blindsee team is committed to providing a solution that facilitates accessibility to cultural and public venues, and to sharing new experiences. The Blindsee application is not a simple Audioguide. It has been specially designed with and for the visually impaired. Its interface and operating mode take this into account.


A number of installations are underway to facilitate access to the premises and information for as many people as possible.


– A tourist office is considering a number of use cases to develop the best possible adapted offer. The provision of up-to-date Braille documentation and displays with signage for the visually impaired poses logistical difficulties. What’s more, some historical museums are only partially accessible to the disabled, due to their configuration. This means that the collections cannot be fully “visible”. Blindsee will provide a solution to these 2 problems, with the possibility of creating personalized tours of the region.


– This art museum, housed in an old 16th-century building, exhibits paintings, sculptures and artefacts from the past, organized into several sectors. The collections invite visitors to discover more than 14 centuries of history. As the building is quite old, the rooms can’t be opened to everyone. In addition, guided tours with a tour guide are not possible due to budget and availability constraints. Blindsee’s “remote” (or virtual) tour functionality will enable maximum accessibility, even for those not visiting the site.


– Finally, a campsite with a large number of pitches over a large area is looking for a solution for the visually impaired to help them find their way around. The alleys are numerous, as are the amenities, play areas and relaxation areas. Blindsee, with its indoor and outdoor geolocation function, will make getting around and accessing points of interest much easier.



Join us in this mission for a world without limits, where accessibility is the norm, not the exception. Together, we can create a more inclusive and enlightened future for all.


Once again, best wishes for 2024

Blindsee Team

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